Dermasensitive+ is a SO.DI.CO brand.
The company manufactures products for bodycare and skincare for over 30 years.


This specific line was created from the will of taking care of the most sensitive skins in order to protect them against weather conditions thanks to our huge experience and knowledge in this sector.


Our research goal in our labs is realizing formula not only suitable for the most delicate skins, but also efficient. In doing this we use the best raw materials which is always tested dermatologically.


Our philosophy line is clear: we offer products which are parabens free, nickel tested, fragrance with no allergenics to those who rely on us.


Dermasensitive+ product line is subjected to a specific test, which allows to analyze, on each production batch, the exact concentration of Nickel, to ensure a lower nickel content than a given threshold to meet the needs of consumers with allergic and hyper-reactive skin.

Even if parabens have been used for years in making cosmetics, food, drugs, in order to preserve them from dangerous microbial contamination, they have a certain degree of intrinsic toxicity, because they have a photosensitizing effect which makes them responsible for contact allergies, since they can lead to skin sensitization.

Fragrances have always been considered as major skin sensitizers triggering contact dermatitis, since they are photosensitizers. To reduce contact allergies risks, perfumes used in line have a concentration of 24 allergens, that is lower to the limit concentration to be declared on the label, in accordance with the Act of October 11, 1986 nr.713 as amended.

All products of line are Dermatologically Tested at the University of Ferrara. The occlusive patch test is performed in vivo on adult volunteers of both sexes, with the purpose of testing the cutaneous tolerability of the product.