Skin-Care Shower Foam

Delicate skin • It helps to preserve the natural defence of the skin

400 ml

The Skin-Care Shower Foam pH 5 is suited to cleanse skins that cannot tolerate normal soaps. It is formulated to minimize skin irritations. Thanks to its cleansing properties, it gently cleanses the body skin balancing its natural lipidic layer and leaving skin soft and protected for a longer time.

Recommendation for use: gently massage on wet skin for a few minutes and then rinse with care. For the bath pour the product into the bathtub directly.

*Nickel content below the limit of methodological survey (EPA6010B); Ni< 0,05 µg/gram. °Perfume without allergens to be declared in accordance with the EC Regulation n. 1223/2009 of European Parliament and Council.

DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED at the University of Ferrara.

Parabens free
Nickel Tested*
Perfume without allergens to be declared*
Nickel Tested*
Dermatologically tested