RE-ACTIF Micellar Water Make up Remover Wipes – 25 pieces

Removes makeup • Cleanses • Hydrates For Normal And Delicate Skins - Made from sea algae and milk thistle oil

DERMASENSITIVE+ Make up remover Wipes, thanks to their delicate formula, cleanses, hydrates and removes makeup from the face, eyes and lips. Its key ingredients of sea algae and milk thistle oil, rich in Omega3 and Omega6, plus acai oil leave the sin, clean, hydrated and reinvigorated. Ideal for even the most delicate, sensitive skin.

Directions: Remove make up from your face, neck and decolleté with a gently massage. Do not rinse. 

DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED. Clinical tests carried out at the University of Ferrara. * (EPA3051A:2007) and (EPA6010C:2007); Ni < 0,01 %. *Ni<0,01%. Parabens free Nickel Tested* Hypoallergenic Perfume* Dermatologically Tested