Ultradelicate Intimate Cleanser pH 5,5

Based on Chamomile, Mauve, oat and Propolis • With natural antibacterial agent

500 ml

Intima+ Ultradelicate Intimate Cleanser pH 5,5 is suitable for the proper daily intimate hygiene of the most delicate and sensitive skins. Its ultradelicate formula is rich in Chamomile, Mauve, Oat and Propolis has an emollient and soothing action, respecting the physiologic PH of the skin. Suitable for allergic skin thanks to its formula Nickel, Cobalt and Chrome tested.

DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED at the University of Ferrara.

*Nickel content below (EPA6010B); Ni<0,05 µg/gr. Cosmetic product. External use.

Dermatologically tested Nickel – Cobalt - Chrome Tested Without Parabens