Deodorant For Intimate Hygiene physiological pH

with Propolis, Calendula and Evening Primrose Oil

150 ml

Soothing Deodorant specifically formulated for intimate hygiene. Rich in soothing, emollient ingredients, such as Propolis, Calendula, and Evening Primrose Oil, this spray gently eliminates odours and refreshes skin by keeping the physiological pH at optimal levels. It also provides a natural way to reduce sensations of burning and itching.

Dermatologically Tested at the University of Ferrara. °Perfume without allergens to be declared in accordance with the EC Regulation n. 1223/2009 of European Parliament and Council.

*(EPA3051A:2007) and (EPA6010C:2007); Ni < 0,0001 %.

Dermatologically tested
Perfume without allergens to be declared*
Nickel Tested
Parabens free